Where do creative digital startup agencies go, in order to get a fantastic brand designed, even for themselves? To Yumboxdesign, that’s where.  Yumboxdesign was approached by soon to be creative digital agency ‘Focal Global’, and was asked if we could come up with something respectable and fresh for this edgy pioneering startup. Even if we say so ourselves, we certainly did deliver.

Focal Global will be a new digital agency to launch in Hyderabad, India, the Silicon Valley of that exotic neck of the woods. Peter Sinclair, Yumboxdesign’s Head Creative Director was tasked with the challenge of supplying something smart, creative, as well as logical.

The end result spoke volumes, with an icon being designed that expressed dynamic motion, whilst also visually embedding the stylized letters ‘F’ and ‘G’ inside. In addition, the brand also lent itself well to the look & feel of an ‘@’ symbol. A symbol highly associated with digital technology, perfect.

The focal global ‘combination mark’ was designed using the typeface ‘Shruti – Bold’ using a mosaic of colours, akin to the Google logo, but with more detailed sophistication. Letters were also tailored in order to express variety of forms and colour. This expressed well the multi-cultural aspect of the brands name.Needless to say, the founders of Focal Global were left speechless when trying to thank us for a job well done.

Creative Director/ Graphics Designer: Peter Sinclair – Client Contact: Focal Global – Mahesh Silveri [CEO/Founder]