Commissioned by ‘BDA Creative’, shoot/creative director Peter Sinclair, designed, shot & composited (using After Effects) this rather stylish Saul Bass looking channel opener for Sky-Cinema Italia. The movie channel named ‘Autore’ showcased some of Italy’s finest classical cinematic releases, and started broadcasting daily at 7pm (CET)

‘Autore’ meaning ‘author/director’ was the name chosen for the film channel that hi-lighted the best of Italian cinema. The sequence showed a film studio executive choosing the best cuts, in order to go into the production. This was a fitting narrative, as the film channel also hand-picked the best cinematic features on behalf of Sky Cinema viewers in Italy.

Peter designed the set, as well as directed all aspects of the production, even down to what suit the performer wore, as well as what shoes he had on. He then directed the shoot, filming upon 35mm film, which was done in order to supply the channel with other broadcast assets, which accompanied the filmed opening sequence of the channel.

All together a stylish Saul Bass/Hitchcock inspired piece that suited the type of classical content Sky-Italia planned to have broadcast upon their channel.

Creative/Shoot Director – Peter Sinclair
Compositor – Peter Sinclair
Post Production– Farm Post
Client – BDA Creative/Sky-Italia