Thane TV asked Yumboxdesign to take care of how they come across graphically on-screen, with regards rolling out their new look logo and brand strategies.We were asked to deliver a number of television idents for Thane TV to roll out over their broadcast network, as well as to flesh out exactly how graphics were to be utilized across their TV network, once the new look & feel were implemented. This included channel bugs, animated info and call to action screens, straps, banners and the like.

The new on-screen look & feel takes advantage of Thane’s new clean flat colors that they will be using for their new brand. As such, we reinforced this approach by having idents and graphics that were clean, simple and smart also. An origami style theme was adopted and chosen, with regards the dynamics of the animation. Whereby sub-shapes that now currently make up the new Thane TV logo could be seen individually within the animation sequence being formed, until eventually the new look logo resolved to reveal itself fully. Thane TV’s new look & feel shopping channel is all now up and running (Sky channel 660).

Creative Director: Peter Sinclair
Animation/After Effects: George Cheng
Music/Sound Effects: Kick Production