On behalf of CLS Holdings Plc, shoot director Peter Sinclair once again did the honors, with regards hi-lighting the many thousands spent on refurbishing the ‘Great West House’ twin commercial buildings, located in greater west London near Heathrow Airport.

Graphical animated elements were then applied, taking into account architectural features that came as a result of the new refurbishment. Key pieces of information were then added as a part of the video piece, that communicated to potential business owners, the benefits and perks of relocating, or establishing office locations at the recently polished commercial site.

The video was then placed as a DVD, as apart of CLS Holdings information marketing bundle, which was sent out to prospective businesses looking to relocate. Needless to say, CLS Holdings were most delighted by the end result, especially for the money spent.

Creative/Shoot Director – Peter Sinclair
Special Effect Animator – Dave Freason – Petrol TV
Cameraman – James Buck
Client – CLS Holdings/Assembly Studios