Yumboxdesign was asked to be involved in a creative pitch for Thane TV’s digital Easter marketing campaign. Which we were more than delighted to have been given the opportunity to have taken part within, alongside other more well-established creative agencies, of whom Thane TV had already used within their past, as well as having been using currently at that time. Yumboxdesign desires to be our clients ‘one stop solution’ for all their creative needs. So, we were delighted therefore, to find out that the creative concepts that we put forward, won the pitch in question. As well as being deemed most fitting for Thane’s creative needs, not only for now, but for going forward, with regards developing their ideas further for the future.

As such, Thane TV shall be rolling out its Easter egg Mr. Men & Women campaign, for whom shall be used to spread all the great deals that Thane TV will be offering all their customers this coming Easter festive period. The basic concept & idea was to make good use of Thane TV’s sub-branded shapes in ways that helped articulate personality for these characters, as they spread the good news, as well as savings that Thane TV were offering, during the appropriately approaching festive period. The designs put forward did just that, thanks to our designer Silvia Juarez.

We were delighted to have sorted out Thane TV’s Easter digital marketing campaigns for them, as well as others. And hope to be able to develop this concept for them further, as they continue to use Yumboxdesign, when it comes to us delivering something a little bit more yummy and out of the ordinary, than what our more average competitors are able to deliver.

Thane TV Digital Easter Campaign
Creative Director: Peter Sinclair
Art Director/Senior Graphics Designer: Silvia Juarez


Thane Direct wanted a sharp, snappy and creative look and feel to their new brochure designs that went along and inside the packaging of the products that they delivered to all their customers internationally. Once again they came to us in order to give them something smart and simple.

Our in-house design team once again did the honors by designing for print, and giving ‘Thane Direct International’ exactly what they wanted. Thane’s X5 H2O accessory shapes were taken and then mocked up in clean and simple forms, with an extrusion effect specially given to them upon the front and back covers.  Simple and Smart, we hear you Thane.

Creative Director – Peter Sinclair
Print Designer– Silvia Juarez