Yumboxdesign, along with Thane TV’s in-house production team, helped deliver Thane’s first ever UK television commercial offering. Assisting with graphical elements, as well as the production of its musical score, Yumboxdesign worked closely with post production company Whitecross TV, as well as with our own associated musical composer Ian Nichols, to deliver a highly satisfactory outcome. The TVC started its transmission upon a number of different UK TV channels. So, if you see it, you’ll now be able to recognize it.

We are continuing to deliver yummy projects for Thane TV, both within the UK, as well as internationally, so as always, keep watching this space, as we continue to update you upon some of our more interesting and yummy assignments.

Creative Director – Peter Sinclair
Post Production Editing – Whitecross TV
Music Production – Ian Nicholls over at Kick