Shooting upon high-speed film in parts, this super creatively directed 40″ to air promo was directed by Yumbox-director Peter Sinclair. Who made sure the piece became a special homage to the genre of spaghetti westerns, as well as the works and styling of film director Sergio Leone.

Peter imagined what spaghetti westerns could have been like, if they had, had the technologies that we have today. As such, Peter nicely blended ‘Matrix’ styled special effects, with classical spaghetti western style artistic direction, in order to pull of this somewhat impressive commercial promotional piece for Sky Vegas’s new interactive game called ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’.

Phil Novak, the UK’s top Clint Eastwood impersonator was cast to bring down ‘Evil Bill‘, the games main antagonist. Additional on-air versions of the promo were also produced, in order to hi-light and include actual game play scenes later on, as the promo’s aired throughout its broadcast campaign. All in all, a great little production, it was to make.

Creative & Shoot Director: Peter Sinclair
Special Effects: London Post – Soho
Music/Sound Effects: Kick Productions
Client: BSkyB – Sky Vegas TV channel.